“The first thing we do at the end of the [professors’] conference is to book Wiley for the next year.”
Dr. George Watson
Arizone State University


  • Professors Conferences, Arizona State University
    • Annual events since 1993 (sponsored by the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence: Wakonse)
  • M46 Conference, San Jose CA
  • NAEYC Conference, Anaheim, CA
  • American Youth Foundation- International Leadership Conferences
    • Annual events 1984-1992
  • National Council on Youth Leadership
    • Washington University, St. Louis, MO
      “Town Meeting on Tomorrow”
  • Conference on Diversity and the   New American University
  • Intergroup Relations Center, Arizona State University

“The most valuable professional service that Wiley offers our group during the annual Wakonse-Arizona Conference is his remarkable ability to build, through music, an almost instantly supportive and engaged community of 60-70 postsecondary educators from across the state. He’s not only a gifted musician who can play nearly any instrument, but he’s also an educator and facilitator who has the ability to tap into people’s creative talent-whether they’re aware of that talent or not. Our conference would not be the same without him.”
Professor Laura L. Bush Arizona State University

conference music programs

“I could not thank you enough for your…your teaching, performing and love for, you created us all as a community. Not to mention how much fun we had! The two brief harmonica lessons have left me a player for life. I had no idea a musical idiot like myself could feel so unintimidated, learn so much and get so hooked so fast. I am practicing here at home now and loving it. Thank you!
You have truly found your gift in
this work.”

Dr. J. Michael Priddy
Bay Health Corporation

conference musicians