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Wiley teaches harmonica workshops for children and adults!

No musical experience? Not a problem. Convinced you never play anything? Think again. With a harmonica, you can learn more music than you ever thought you could. We cover the basics, and each step is easy. Then, on to folk, rock, and blues, plus some music fundamentals. You will amaze yourself. All of this on a 10 hole diatonic harmonica (blues harp). The fun begins right away!

Click here to play along with your own harmonica! You’ll find free instruction and audio to tracks to play along with. No experience required!

If you are a trained musician, this is a chance to try an instrument built for blues improvisation. Wiley has taught harmonica at West Valley College since 2003.

Harmonica Lessons

Audio/Video Clips

“Revolutionizes the harmonica”

Rod Demmick
bass player for the Strawbs, and
for the Jim McCarty Band