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“Mr. Wiley” has lots of squiggly songs by talented writers such as Tom Hunter, Dave Kinnoin, and Joanne Hammil and original songs by Wiley, which help engage the children instantly in a variety of energy levels. Add to that some creative traditional songs and some of our very fun originals, and you’ve got a very fun show!

Singing! Singing! – a great CD by Wiley Rankin!
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  • Pop Goes the Weasel Rock by Sammel, Rankin, and Rood
  • Everybody Started Out Small by Stuart Stotts
  • Zydeco by Johnnette Downing
  • You Are You by Kevin Roth
  • Clean Air by Wiley Rankin
  • Join In! Have Fun! by Wiley Rankin
  • Circle the Earth by Joanne Hammil
  • I’m a Flower by Dave Kinnoin
  • Now’s the Time to Go to Sleep by Tom Hunter


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Track 1 – Singing! Singing*
Try the following activities for customizing the sheet music:

  1. Question: What are some things that are more fun and easier when we do them together?
  2. Language awareness: Sing each body part in a different language.”If we stomp our fee…”
    “Let’s tap our toes…”
  3. Make rhymes with all the children’s names
    An easy way to include any child’s name in this song: Use this phrase:

    Let’s clap again… for (child’s name) our friend


    play a game where you find a rhyme for each child’s name.

  4. Associate movements with those of animals, and add new phrases:”When I flap my wings, I really fly”
    “When I wag my tail, I really bark”
  5. Science exercise: name the bones and talk about how they work “all together,” and how the muscles work with each other.
  6. Have a real physical version of the song –
    Jumping stomping, all together!

* Feel free to use Track 13 (Instrumental version of Singing!Singing! and make up your own verses!