Wiley offers year round concerts based on the Summer Reading Program for each year. Songs that celebrate books, adventures, learning, and laughter. Call or email Wiley for details! Concerts are a suggested length of 45 minutes and are appropriate for audiences of all ages. Wiley will bring a wonderful PA system which brings a beautiful sound to a room of almost any size.

children music at libraries

Every summer we offer our hilariously interactive music concerts that coincide with the Collaborative Summer Library Programs, the California Library programs, or your regional themes. The songs support these themes, and we also highlight examples of books from your library that are relevant. Your audiences get encouragement in singing and in reading!

“Thank you again for the wonderful program you conducted at our library….It is so terrific to see a program that covers music from Handel to Rap for young children. The parents and children both enjoy your presentation and thanked the library for having this program. Having the children participate so much instead of just talking at them is the key to your success. Your use of humor is also very inspiring. You always make the children feel as if they can understand these concepts, even if they give a wrong answer. The children always feel a part of the show. Thank you again for appearing at the San Leandro Public Library.”

Penny Peck, Children’s Librarian
(see entire letter)

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