Teacher Training Workshops

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Wiley was honored to conduct a Teacher Training Workshop for Teachers on Multicultural Music and Diversity Awareness for the Mount Diablo Child Care Advocates in Concord, CA.


“A workshop for teachers on multicultural music and diversity awareness. “This is a fantastic opportunity to share music from various languages and to encourage teachers musically. Previous musical study is not required. Handouts included “I Can Talk with My Hands,” by Janice Buckner, “Des Colores,” “Many and Great” (Native American tradition), “Je Parle Francais un peu,” and other fun songs that can be learned very quickly for preschool or elementary school classrooms. Lots of fun, and the resource list is great.


Piavey Lane, Director Mount Diablo Community Child Care Advocates, Concord, CA

In his current teacher workshops, Wiley is privileged to coach teachers of grades preschool through college. Instruments include harmonica, guitar, flute and sax. Parts are suitable for elementary school students who have early levels of proficiency. Harmonica players require no experience of any kind, for teacher or student!)

To become familiar with some of the songs from these workshops, check out Wiley’s CD “Singing! Singing!, which will be available at CD Baby on Oct. 31. To place an advance order, email us at wiley@jumpforjoymusic.com When our CD becomes available at www.cdbaby.com, you will be able to hear clips of each song before you order. We will announce its arrival in our email newsletter!