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Introductory video with parent endorsement  http://youtu.be/fJyqeaZB3Vw

Featuring these 3 week Sessions:                             Themes:

Sat April 1-April 15     (Session #1)          $57         Music & Literacy

Sat June 3-June 17     (Session #2)          $57         Melody & Scale Awareness

Sat July 8-July 22      (Session #3)          $57         Communication (Verbal & Non)

Sat Aug. 5-Aug. 19      (Session #4)          $57         Telling Stories Through Music!

Sat Sep. 9-Sep. 23      (Session #5)           $57         Getting Smarter Through Music!

Sat Oct. 28-Nov. 11     (Session #6)          $57         Music Building Blocks Are Fun!

Sat Nov. 25-Dec. 9      (Session #7)          $57         Holiday Fun & Other Languages

You and your child may attend any or all sessions. New theme each session.

Saturdays at 10 AM, based on availability.

45 minute classes

One Parent required to attend with each child. Parents may bring sibling(s) at a discounted rate.

0-6 suggested age range. Older siblings welcome.

Location: Crescent Montessori School, 1651 N. Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035

Recording and study material included, upon completing registration and payment

Students will achieve the following outcomes…

  • Melodic recognition
  • Sing along fun
  • Solfege training (Do re mi musical language)
  • Kinesthetic experience of music & movement
  • Silly fun (constructive play), focus & release

In a positive environment that promotes…

  • Language awareness
  • Sensitivity and respect for others
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Small class size

Using advanced educational tools…

  • Online learning center
  • Brain development exercises in musical contexts
  • A supportive musical community

Parents do not need any musical experience! We will learn together…

Questions: info@jumpforjoymusic.com      408 757-8126      http://jumpforjoymusic.com/academy

Recording and study material included, upon completing registration and payment.

Here are some of our online resources, available free of charge!

Jump for Joy Music Application Form 2017

More about Mr. Wiley

If you are enrolling through Ocean Grove Charter School, please contact your ES to officially sign up for the class. Thank you!

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