Welcome to Jump for Joy Music Academy!


Introductory video with parent endorsement

Featuring these themes:                          

    Music & Literacy

    Melody & Scale Awareness

    Communication (Verbal & Non)

    Telling Stories Through Music!

    Getting Smarter Through Music

    Music Building Blocks Are Fun!

    Holiday Fun & Other Languages

Class lengths vary.

0-6 suggested age range. Older siblings welcome.


Students will achieve the following outcomes…

  • Melodic recognition
  • Sing along fun
  • Solfege training (Do re mi musical language)
  • Kinesthetic experience of music & movement
  • Silly fun (constructive play), focus & release

In a positive environment that promotes…

  • Language awareness
  • Sensitivity and respect for others
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Small class size

Using advanced educational tools…

  • Online learning center
  • Brain development exercises in musical contexts
  • A supportive musical community

Parents do not need any musical experience! We will learn together…

Questions:       408 757-8126      

Free audio downloads & educational resources included.

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    So glad we can share music online with families!

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